Unreal Shooter Dev 1

Having done a decent amount of development in Unity and Mixed Reality for MagicLeap One and iPhone, I want to shift gears and learn to develop VR applications in Unreal.

Why Unreal you may be asking? I feel like the strength of VR is in the impressiveness of the technology. That means high fidelity graphics are more suitable for VR and Unreal Engine is better at creating high fidelity graphics.

Target Platform: Oculus Quest


Prototype: I will start out with a basic level allowing the user to move around and shoot at randomly spawned "monsters".

Stage 2: Add graphics. Work on a procedural level creator. Each time the level will be created with randomly selected "level pieces" and combined in a logical way to create a level for the user to walk through.

Stage 3: Add even more graphics. Work on an AI system for the enemies.

Stage 4: Add Title. Menu. UI. Score tracker. Hitpoints.

Stage 5: Add story elements and unique interactive places in the level.

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